Napa Valley Keg Wine

You may be asking… why wine on tap?

Keg wine, also referred to as “wine on tap” provides a eco-friendly solution over traditional packaging. Each keg is the equivalent to 26 bottles, therefor forgoing the need for corks, capsules, labels, bottles and cases. By reducing packaging, we are diminishing the carbon footprint.

Our wines are packaged exclusively in the keg format, in both 20L stainless steel reusable kegs, and 20L recyclable plastic kegs.

With wine on tap, you can be assured that the wine is fresh from the very first glass to the last. No oxidation, no waste. No more dumping wine and profits, when the opened bottles for wine-by-the-glass sales are not consumed within a day or two.

When a keg is tapped, the contents become pressurized by an inert gas, which prevents oxygen from coming in contact with the wine, and therefore eliminates the waste that comes from oxidation when serving wines by the glass.

Your New Favorite Wine

Browse our wine tasting notes, or stop by one of our preferred vendors and experience why more wine enthusiasts are enjoying VinTap-Peregrine Ranch wines.

Advantages of Tap Wine vs. Bottled Wine

  • Sealed kegs are coupled to a nitrogen or argon gas system, guaranteeing the wines remain winery-fresh from the first to last glass.
  • Keg filling vs. bottle filling is a more gentle process, virtually eliminating bottle shock.
  • Dedicated refrigeration system insures the correct serving temperature for wine by the glass.
  • Corked wines occurrences eliminated. The cork taint characteristic, Trichloroanisole or TCA is statistically present in 3 to 5 % of bottled wines and often goes undetected by staff.
  • Open bottles of ‘by the glass’ wine show the damage of oxidation regardless of wine preserving practices and consequently raises the cost of goods
  • Labor savings. The time to receive & secure, stock the bar, retrieve & open, inventory and dispose of empty bottles is on the average .25 man hours per case of wine.
  • Space saver! Wine by the keg occupies significantly less storage space.
  • The keg format provides an aggressive return, (COGS 16% to 25%) while offering exceptional value to the guest. For example, eliminating the packaging, a conventionally bottled $25.00 glass of wine can be offered for $10.00 to $12.00.